Democrat = Hypocrisy; ClearChannel = Integrity

Shout out to ClearChannel for not being pushed around by a bunch of hypocritical, socialist, speech-supressing, arrogant politicians that somehow believe they have the right to force a private entity to sanction one of its employees simply because they don’t like him.  A democrat asking Rush Limbaugh to be “punished” is so transparent, its like Amway claiming that Proctor & Gamble’s logo is Satanic, its like a murderer claiming that someone else committed the crime, its like Pepsi claiming that Coke is bad for you, its like a Pot telling a Kettle that it is black!

Here is the letter ClearChannel wrote in response to Harry Reid’s rant:

Mr. Mays states : “While I certainly do not agree with all views that are voiced on our stations, I will not condemn our talent for exercising their right to voice them.”

Good job ClearChannel!  Now Senator Reid–I know that you would NEVER say anything against our troops, well, except this: “This war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything, as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq.”  I’m sure you weren’t trying to discourage them in any way or make the troops think that what they are doing is a waste of time or trying to empower our enemy by declaring that the war is lost.  Nah, that is a ridiculous read of your quote–only a right-wing nut job would think that is what you meant.

In fact, yesterday my daughter felt a little discouraged about school and all of her homework and how hard it was so I, taking a lesson from Mr. Reid, said, “Don’t worry, the reality is you have lost the battle at school already.  You aren’t very smart and you can’t possibly succeed there so you probably ought to simply give up, wait until you are 16, drop out, do some recreational drugs, go to rehab, and live the rest of your life at a minimum wage job, never marry and certainly never have kids since you don’t have the sense to raise yourself much less someone else.”

 She seemed better after our talk.  I think she will be just fine.


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