University of Texas vs. Kansas State!

Austin Sports Network reports the following:

Austin, TX (Sports Network) – Big 12 rivals will collide in Austin this weekend as the seventh-ranked Texas Longhorns take on the Kansas State Wildcats.

Kansas State is coming off a bye week and opens the league portion of its schedule on Saturday. The Wildcats, who lost to Auburn in the season opener on the road, have posted back-to-back victories over weak opponents San Jose State and Missouri State.

Texas is 4-0 this season and is coming off a 58-14 thrashing of Rice. The Longhorns have not been dominant in all of their contests, but the fact that they survived a couple of scares speaks to their character. It may be tough to focus on this game, as a matchup with rival Oklahoma is on the docket next week.

Kansas State cruised to the 61-10 victory over lowly Missouri State, and the Wildcat offense moved the ball at will. With 30 first downs and 546 total yards, the numbers tell the story of complete domination. James Johnson paced the ground attack with 114 rushing yards and three touchdowns, while quarterback Josh Freeman completed 26-of-39 passes for 287 and one touchdown…

As expected, the Kansas State defense played well against Missouri State. The Wildcats yielded just 10 points in the clash and 191 total yards. They did a tremendous job of getting off the field on third down, as Missouri State made good on just 4-of-16 conversion attempts. Kansas State finished with five sacks and avoided big plays. Opponents are scoring 15.7 ppg against the Wildcats, who are yielding 258.3 total ypg. The run defense has been outstanding, as K-State is surrendering fewer than two yards per rushing attempt. The pass defense has been strong as well, as opposing quarterbacks are gaining an even 10 yards per completion. Justin McKinney leads KSU with 22 total tackles, and Ross Diehl has 2.5 sacks.

Texas racked up 58 points against Rice, including 41 points in the first half. With 560 total yards, the Longhorns could seemingly do no wrong. Quarterback Colt McCoy has come under fire for his shaky play this season, but he was tremendous on Saturday, completing 20-of-29 passes for 333 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions…

The defensive effort of the Longhorns in the victory over Rice has to be viewed as a positive. They were outstanding against the run, limiting the Owls to minus-11 rushing yards on 30 attempts. While 68 yards was gained on the ground by Rice, 79 yards were lost, due in large part to five sacks. While Texas did yield 279 passing yards, two interceptions were registered. Obviously, many of those yards were accumulated after the outcome of the tilt had long been decided. Lamarr Houston made four TFLs. Opponents are scoring only 18.0 ppg against Texas, which is yielding 310.5 total ypg. The defensive unit has been outstanding at stopping the run, as opponents are only gaining 2.5 ypc on the ground. Against the pass, the ‘Horns have registered five interceptions while yielding only two touchdowns through the air. Marcus Griffin has made 38 total tackles for Texas, 11 more than his closest teammate.

So the question is whether Texas offense can get past KS’s defense.  I’ve been to all of the home games this year and the offense has sputtered at times, however Colt’s passess have been very accurate (a few were thrown into too much coverage-but still accurately thrown).  If Jamal Charles can get running and if our offensive coordinator will alllow Cody to mix up the passing schemes we should be allright.  I predict the following score:  Texas 24, Kansas State 17.

 Hook ’em.


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5 Comments on “University of Texas vs. Kansas State!”

  1. 24-17 Texas, Murph?

    Only if I have PLENTY of Kaopectate.

    Meet me back here Sunday to discuss.


  2. mklasing Says:

    No worries, I’m going to strap on one of those idiotic looking hats with straws that come down on both sides. You know the ones that people put beer in because they are so addicted to beer they have to be drinking 2 at the same time and through a straw–blech!

    I’m going to fill both sides with Kaopectate and throw back a roll of tums so I should be prepared. If you watch it on TV I’ll waive at ya when the camera focuses on our seats. Course it will have to be the Space Shuttle camera because we are on the old upper deck–but ya never know–could happen.

    I’ll circle back Sunday, hopefully the Horns will blow my prediction and fry those Wildcats!


  3. Laz Says:

    Of all the weekends to lose… Had Texas won, it’s not that any of us would have believed that they would be the 4th ranked team in the land behind USC, LSU, and Cal.

  4. Murph…

    I’m done..It’s over…put a fork in my loyalty.

    Well, not completely but I realized this weekend that I just don’t feel the same way about the team. I think I shot my enthusiasm wad during the 2005 season. I was humbly devoted every weekend. Developed migraines and gastro-intenstinal distress worrying about the team. But Vince always pulled them through.

    Colt McCoy can’t. The team as a whole can’t rebound..not like the Championship team. I expected them to loose and they did. By a margin that didn’t surprise me.

    I’ll always back the horns. It’s in my blood but I have to admit I feel differently. I knew somehting was different last season and it was hammered home early Saturday evening.

    And then I watched Vince Young’s interview om “60 Minutes” Sunday night . I was incredibly embarrassed for him

    His utter lack of erudition was bad enough; his arrogance and bravado was sickening.

    I changed the channel.


  5. mklasing Says:

    I have been unable to write since Saturday because I punched the TV and cut my hand to shreds. Well, actually, that is not true because that would be ridiculous, however I was mad enough to do it. The day went kind of like this—“Okay we are hanging in there, not so bad, 14-14, great” “Oh my, Colorado just beat OU-I feel a sense of true happiness and euphoria” “What tha?, 4 interceptions, 2 kicks run back” “)#($*)!@&$_*!)($)(*” The next thing I knew I was getting oxygen from some guy in a white coat who kept asking me what year it was.

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