My Kids Will Not Be Going to Columbia University!

What is wrong with John Coatsworth?  The Columbia Dean said today that if Hitler had wanted to come and engage in a debate with students about the issues of the day then he would have had a platform from which to speak at Columbia.  (See )

Are you kidding me?  It is bad enough that they are inviting a man to speak at their University who likely opened a bottle of fine champagne and began to dance when the Towers fell, but to suggest that even Hitler would be allowed on campus is bordering on pure unadulterated insanity.  As conservative as I am (which is something I do not hide-obviously) I am all for free speech and for the free exchange of ideas at college campuses–even if some of the ideas are nutty.  But to allow men like the Iranian President or Hitler to speak to impressionalbe college students is treason.  Maybe we need a short legal lesson on treason.

 The Constitution of the United States, Art. III, defines treason against the United States to consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort.   Certainly both of the individuals mentioned are or were (Hitler) our enemies.  Allowing them to come to an AMERICAN College or University to expand the minds of our youth is giving them aid or comfort.  Why?  Because both of these men are propaganda maniacs.  Propaganda is how they live, how they gain more power, more prestige.  Hitler was a master at it–how else could he convince so many people that his evil intentions were somehow correct or proper?  The same is true for Iran today.

Giving these men a “platform” to speak enhances their ability to spew their ridiculous, insane rhetoric.  Not to mention it borders on harboring the enemy.  I am appalled at this man’s obvious distaste for America and if I was an alumni of that University I would be ashamed of its current state.  If I was a student there I would have already enrolled elsewhere for the Spring.  I hope their board of regents considers removing this idiot immediately.  This is Columbia for the love of it all–a very respectable and fine University.

I truly wonder why people like Mr. Coatsworth live here in the first place.  Mr. Coatsworth, I suggest that if you want to allow a platform for known terrorists who are currently supplying weapons to individuals who are using those weapons against American troops, then take your willing students and faculty on a field trip to Iran for such an event–and good luck.


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18 Comments on “My Kids Will Not Be Going to Columbia University!”

  1. It’s obvious. Coatsworth’s brain is all chomsky.

    His stance is unmitigated insanity.

    Aside from that Counselor, since (I think) we share an appreciation of completely inane comedy with a Conservative slant, I wanted to send you this parody of my high school days. I wrote it a few weeks ago and it got stellar response.

    I’m several years older than you but I don’t think any of the references will get lost. is the spatial synapse.



  2. L Says:

    i will begin attending classes at Columbia this spring. i am 26.

    i wouldn’t assume that the young, intelligent minds of an ivy league university in the most diverse city in the world are exactly impressionable.

    these are some of the most analytical, objective young people in the country. they build their academic careers on learning broadly, and interpreting insanity and logic alike.

    i truly believe that it is America’s conservative population, those without the spine to entertain the values and realities of other cultures (including those of their own countrymen), that is more likely to be swayed by dictatorial madmen (George W. Bush).

    Columbia is a university marked by its pursuit of free speech. Though I don’t believe I will agree with all of its practices during my time there, I would gladly and actively participate in a dialogue with history’s Adolf Hitler.

  3. mklasing Says:

    I appreciate your comment but it is so naive. If you think-arrogantly-that even at 26 that you are no longer impressionable-you are sadly mistaken. College professors are brilliant at imparting their knowledge and philosphy on life to their students and many more come out of college thinking differently about life than when they went in. So the type of philosophy and information fed to the students is very relevant to that exercise.

    I hope you are one of the ones who can interpret insanity but since you think George Bush is a dictatorial madman I doubt seriously in your ability or your discernment. I disagre with many things our President says and does (like his stand on immigration for example) but to say that he is a dictator or a madman is immature, silly and shines a bright light on your transparent belief system.

    I, being a big believer in free speech, have accepted your comment on this site so that the world can see all sides to this. Your interpretation of free speech is correct-technically speaking allowing a dictoatorial madman like the leader of Iran to speak is in conformity with free speech, however it is a blatant exercise in poor judgment.

    All Columbia has done is elevated a man who should instead be arrested for war crimes. Bringing someone like him or Adolf Hitler to speak before a group of students who presumably ( I know you are not one of these) are “learning” is irresponsible. He doesn’t need Columbia to spew his Anti-American and Anti-Jewish hate speech, because the media loves to print it every chance they get. But to allow such a man the “honor” of speaking at what I used to believe was one of our finer Universities, gives him a status he does not deserve and he certainly has not earned.

    Your desire to hear such speech and engage in such dialogue with him and Adolf Hitler is a slap in the face to the American soldiers they were/are both responsible for killing, a slap in the face to our allies in Israel and all Jewish citizens and frankly shows the very inability to interpret insanity that you boldy and confidently assert you have.


  4. Jay Gatsby Says:


    Way to spout the company line, “I would gladly and actively participate in a dialogue with history’s Adolf Hitler.” Last weekend, John Coatsworth, acting dean of the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia made the same assertion. He stated “If he [Hitler] were willing to engage in debate and a discussion to be challenged by Columbia students and faculty, we would certainly invite him.” Well, let’s see what “debate,” what “challenge” was offered to Iran’s leader (I’m a dinner jacket) when he visited the enlightened and intelligent souls of Columbia? What questions did he answer? Let’s see, that would be none. One “enlightened” individual, Columbia University President Lee Bollinger, in an effort to cover his own behind for the invitation, asked some hard hitting questions of I’m a dinner jacket before the terrorist began his speech. Were any of those questions answered, of course not. Now, Bollinger is being attacked by his enlightened and intelligent faculty and students for being too mean and rude to the big, bad terrorist. Wow, some debate, some enlightenment, some intelligence. I hope you aren’t paying full price for whatever classes you are taking this Spring.

    Oh L, make sure one of the classes you do take is a pre-WWII history class, and you can learn about the academics and intelligentsia’s response to and dialogue with a pre-WWII Hitler. It should be very familiar–its the same response and dialogue you and others give to I’m a dinner jacket and other dictaotrs around the world now.

    In case you aren’t aware, which you probably aren’t since you study moral equivalence and not fact, Hitler spent the years before the war making numerous speeches intended for outside consumption. These speeches were much different than the speeches given for German consumption. In the speeches directed outside Germany, he talked about the German desire for peace. He reminded foreign audiences of all the things Germany had lost during the previous war. He claimed Germany had no desire to go to war again. He claimed he only wanted Germany to regain its proper status in the community of nations.

    With this kind of talk, the more appeasement minded the West became. The academics talked about Hitler’s reasonable attitude and the unfairness of the Versailles treaty and ignored his writings in Mein Kampf and his domestic rhetoric. Further, the academics ignored Hitler’s actions. By 1939, he had rearmed in violation of treaties, he had conducted an Anschluss with the annexation of Austria, and he had already occupied Czechoslovakia in direct opposition to his promises at Munich in 1938. He had passed racial laws and the Krystallnacht had occurred. Still, the academics were willing to “reason” and “understand” Hitler. After 1939, we all know what happened, millions were killed. Wow, that pre-war dialogue by the academics sure was productive.

    I think the best response to the pretend invitation of Hitler to Columbia was by the (sarcasm alert for the next 6 words) ultra right wing nut job “conservative” democrat Bob Kerrey, who when asked if Hitler would be welcome on New York’s New School campus, stated, “Yes, if he were dead.”

    Also, L when you are at Columbia you might want to take a class about free speech. Free speech means you should not suppress someone’s speech. It does not mean you have to provide a platform for that person to speak.

    Also, based on your post you might also want to sign up for an English class to learn the meaning of dictator. Wait, I’ll save you some money and give you a free lesson. A dictator is “one ruling absolutely and often oppressively.” Let’s see, OUR President serves at the will of the people, he did not seize power by force or military junta. He was elected in 2004 with the most votes ever received in a presidential election. He does not serve indefinitely, he will leave office peacefully on January 20, 2009. For all intents and purpose, he can’t act without the approval of Congress. For example, war in Iraq–voted on and authorized by Congress. Patriot Act–voted on and authorized by Congress. Further, dissidents are not rounded up and locked up in gulags or “disappeared” like in other countries. If they were, most of the press and most of the blogsphere would have long ago ceased to exist. But, every day I hear someone else declare something negative about OUR President and they keep on living their lives without any sort of penalty for such an opinion. So, Bush doesn’t quite fit the definition of a dictator.

    Let’s play a little game that on my street we like to call “Which One of These is Not Like the Others.” I mention the name Bush, Castro, Chavez, Kim Jong Il, Bashar-al Assad, and I’m a dinner jacket. Which one of these is not like the others? I’ll give you a hint, he has two Ivy league degrees and his name rhymes with “push.” You might be able to distinguish the difference between our President and actual dictators if you were able to “entertain the values and realities” of the world and make a judgment between good and evil. I know its not PC, but try it sometime.

    Also, you might want to register for an ROTC course to learn about those that protect the concept of free speech and academic freedom from nuts like I’m a dinner jacket. As George Orwell said, “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” Oh wait, never mind I forgot, you can’t register for an ROTC course, because enlightened Columbia is threatened by an organization like the U.S. military because it doesn’t tolerate homosexuals–a very unenlightened and un Columbia position. A position deemed so unacceptable that the ROTC has been kicked off campus and denied a platform on campus from which to speak. Wait doesn’t someone else not tolerate homosexuals either, hmmmm who could it be, oh that’s right it is the vertically-challenged dictator from Iran. But wait, he was given a platform on Columbia’s campus to speak. Sounds like hypocrisy to me, but then again I’m not taking classes at Columbia.

  5. mklasing Says:

    All I can say Jay is “AMEN!”

  6. Jenn Says:

    Jay, when was the last time you were in school? You don’t quibble about the definition of “dictator” in English class, you idiot. And to mklasing, don’t send your kids to Columbia. Or your grandkids, or your great-grandkids. There are many more deserving, open-minded students who actually WANT to go to a school like Columbia.

  7. mklasing Says:

    Isn’t it nice to see open-minded Jenn calling Jay an idiot? Name calling–the tool of the Left. Jenn, you don’t have to worry, you will not see my kids at Columbia or any other school that openly supports terrorists and murderers.

    You are right though, at Columbia you don’t quibble about the definition of “dictator” you simply embrace the term and anyone that fits it. That sounds awesome because as we all know dictators are the most open-minded of them all.

    Thanks for your inspiring and thought-provoking words Jenn. I just felt my IQ drop.


  8. Jenn Says:

    And Jay’s remark about how the Iranian president is “vertically challenged” isn’t name calling, of course. That remark just reveals so much about the president’s character and actions.
    I’m not even a liberal, Murphy. In fact, I would categorize myself as on the Right, although I run the risk of being associated with people like you. Inviting someone to speak does not mean supporting his opinions. Bush has been invited to speak at NAACP meetings, and that organization is not exactly pro-Bush.
    Another thing, if your political beliefs are so well-supported with facts, why would you be scared of your children being exposed to other beliefs? You are clearly insecure about the validity of your own if you are afraid of other beliefs being expressed.

  9. mklasing Says:

    Wow, you know so much about me. Have you been spying on me? You are certainly naive if you think that college doesn’t severely influence the minds of the students. Being anti-Bush and allowing Bush to speak shows the NAACP’s ability to have an open mind about those they disagree with. You are missing the fundamental point here. Inviting someone you disagree with is one thing. Inviting someone who has openly expressed his desire that Americans die, that Israelies be “wiped off the face of the Earth”, who is currently funding the very organizations that are killing our troops in battle is at least treason.

    I appreciate you pretending to be on the Right, but your views are clearly on the Left. I have no desire to squash the free speech of anyone–refusing to allow someone like him to speak at a College campus is not squelching free speech, it is taking a stand for principles. Obviously Columbia and possibly yourself, seem to lack in the principle department.

    I am happy for other beliefs to be expressed–that is why I accepted your ridiculous comment on this site. It isn’t the beliefs that scare me but the man espousing the beliefs. If you cannot see the difference then have fun at Columbia. While you are there I hear there is a great foreign exchange program with Iran, Syria and North Korea–you ought to check them out.

  10. Jenn Says:

    Delete my comments then, since they seem to be giving you an ulcer. And if the whole Columbia thing bothered you that much, maybe you ought to change the Constitution and make inviting someone to give a speech treason. You may rave and rant all you wish, but reality is the speech happened, and no one cares anymore.

  11. mklasing Says:

    I assure you that your comments are not bothering me at all. I am enjoying the exchange of ideas we are having. If words from people who disagree with me made me sick then I definitely should not be blogging.

    I am not going to reiterate my point because you are still not getting it and you are right the speech did happen and I have read a transcript of it and it was basically prpoganda as expected.

    As for the Constitution–I love it, I am tired of Judges and Legislators and Congressmen/women tearing it down in so many ways. I don’t think I asked for a change there. I applaud your open mindedness regarding a tyrannical dictator and if you were there when he spoke, I hope it inspired you to be more proud of the job the troops are doing in Iraq and elsewhere because it is clear that we need them to do well. Good luck Jenn in all your endeavors and please stop by and comment anytime–I will never squelch it (unless it becomes profane then I can because after all I’m not the State and the first amendment doesn’t actually apply to my blog)


  12. Jenn Says:

    No I was not there when he spoke, although I would have liked to be. I don’t think the phrase “more proud” is all that accurate, since I’m not exactly proud to begin with. Don’t get me wrong, the troops are great and brave and all, but the war in Iraq is not improving Iraq or any other country. Too much money has been poured into this pointless endeavor. And some Republicans would agree also.

  13. mklasing Says:

    Instead of letting this discussion digress into a discussion about the “pointless endeavor,” I think I will just say thanks for stopping by and I’m sorry for the way you feel about the performance of our troops.

  14. Jay Gatsby Says:

    Jenn, Jenn, Jenn,

    I’m sorry my words threatened your opinion of Columbia or so belittled your choice of schools that you had to respond so intelligently to my post. You are a quick witted and bright individual whose choice of words and turn of phrase has put me in my place. “Idiot” you say, how highbrow you are, I say. I can see with such a well spun retort, your family/tuition provider/banker/student loan provider must rejoice that the nearly $40,000 a year spent on tuition at Columbia is turning you into one of the most erudite people in this land. Does a career in publishing await once you graduate?

    Since you seemed to have missed my point, I will spell it out for you s l o w l y; so slowly that even someone who takes English BC3105: Fiction & Personal Narrative at Columbia might understand. (I’m not saying you would take such a class or that you need it spelled out slowly, you cerebral, silver tongued devil.) I was only pointing out to the poster “L” that he/she/it did not understand the definition of “dictator” when he/she/it applied that term to OUR elected president. I only suggested that “L” might sound more informed if he/she/it used his/her/its words correctly. Now, you say such a class to learn the correct meaning of words does not exist in the English department at Columbia. You may be right. I have noticed that the a majority of so-called “Ivy league educated” people throw around uninformed opinions using words they do not understand. So, maybe traditional learning of the meaning of words and how to use them in the correct context has been abolished in the Ivy-leagues. That sure would explain a lot of the vapid ideas coming out of such institutions.

    But then again, you may be wrong. Let’s see what class someone at Columbia should take to broaden and improve their mastery of spoken and written English. Let’s pull out the Fall 2007 course guide. Flip, flip, flip, let’s see Genealogies of Feminism, no that’s no it. Wait, Edible Conflicts: History of Food, probably not. I’ve got it Anthropology V3978: Opera’s Dialogic Imagination. Dang, missed again. So many enlightened course from such an enlightened university; where o’ where could someone go to improve his/hers/its mastery of spoken and written English? To which department shall I turn? Gosh, such a daunting task. Oh wait, maybe in the American Language Program. Let’s see, “Broaden and improve your mastery of spoken and written English.” That’s the ticket; that’s the one, granted it is an ESL course, but that’s the course “L” needs to brush up on the definition of words. Now, if I can only figure out what department that class is listed under, hmmmmmmmmm, well it is difficult for an idiot like me to figure out, but it appears to be English Z0003, section 001, the first class listed under English in the course guide.

    Now, Jenn you’ve really zinged Murphy when you wrote “but reality is the speech happened, and no one cares anymore.” Thanks for stopping by almost 1 month later to tell him no one cares anymore. Although, posting a comment almost 1 month after the original blog entry, on a blog entry you can only reach by clicking “previous entries” twice, would seem to undermine your claim that no one cares anymore. It sure seems like you still care.

    Further, I’m glad you agree with me that calling the Iranian president “vertically challenged” reveals so much about the president’s character and actions. Although recent scientific studies have shown the “Napoleon complex” to be a myth, I’m glad you still think the belligerence shown by Iran’s “little dictator” might be in fact be an attempt to overcompensate for his lack of stature. Thanks for your support. Oh, wait you were trying to be sardonic. Good try, maybe next time.

    Addiitonally, I hate to bring this up because I am reluctant to correct a scholar of such a enlightened university like Columbia, but here goes. Methinks your statement that “maybe you ought to change the Constitution and make inviting someone to give a speech treason” goes a little bit too far. We don’t need to rewrite the Constitution. Article III, section 3 states “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.” I think there might be some that would argue the existing definition covers what Columbia did just fine. Not you, not me, but somebody.

  15. Jay Gatsby Says:

    Dang, nice typo on additionally by the way on my previous comment. Stupid gravitationally challenged fingers.

  16. Jenn Says:

    Right. And writing that long of a response certainly shows that you do not care anymore. I do appreciate all the time you just took to argue with me.
    It’s funny that so many people were present at the Iranian president’s speech, yet no zealots have accused Columbia of treason. I feel sorry that you did not attend an Ivy League school, and did not have the chance to point out some “traitors.”

  17. Jay Gatsby Says:

    Clap, clap, clap. Bravo! Well stated once again. Reading your writing is like an insight into how great minds work. It is like I’m sitting at the feet of Aristotle. In the pantheon of great minds, it should read Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Da Vinci, Newton, Einstein, Hawking, and Jenn.

    Who said I didn’t attend an Ivy league school? Just because I don’t throw my pretentiousness in the face of others or the fact that I mastered reading comprehension should not allow you to assume I did not attend an Ivy league school (Oh wait, maybe those are give aways that I didn’t attend an Ivy league school, I don’t know.)

    First, I never claimed it was treason, in fact, I stated I didn’t think it was treason. So thinks for pointing out your lack of reading comprehension skills again. Second, I never claimed I didn’t care. You are the one who made that statement. Again, reading comprehension, you should check into it. Maybe a non-existent class in the English department should be able to help you out. There used to be an English 3001 class that met in Hamilton, on the corner of 116th and Amsterdam. Maybe you can audit it. Also, I love heading east from there to Morningside Park. Ah, memories. Although a good Republican like yourself would probably would have more fun heading west to Riverside Park and tormenting some of those liberal westsiders with your Republican views.

    Also, I apologize for the length of my posts, while it doesn’t take me a long time to type them, it probably takes a long time for you to read them, what with you mouthing the words as you read along.

    Lastly, thanks for again proving that the $40K a year being spent on your education is being wasted. Think how many meals that could buy for the poor, or how many uninsured children could afford insurance with your tuition money. You really should think of donating your tuition to the needy, you would sleep better at night.

  18. Jay Gatsby Says:

    I left this off my last point for brevity and in hopes of improving Jenn’s reading comprehension skills, but I’ll add it here. Jenn, you claim “yet no zealots have accused Columbia of treason. ” I invite you to Google (“Columbia” and “treason”) and see how many “zealots” and non-zealots have in fact accused Columbia of treason. So, you were wrong on that statement as well. I’m shocked-what with your Columbia education that you can be wrong in so many ways.

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