University of Texas vs. Rice

Okay so if UT can keep its players out of jail for a few days we should have an owl cookout this weekend.  Seriously-are we the new Miami?  The Houston Chronicle made that comparisson yesterday-yikes!

 So why are we playing Rice tomorrow?  Is it to bring back the old nostalgia of the Southwest Conference?  Is it for recruiting as has been suggested by some important alumni?  No, it is for a win, pure and simple.  The reality is that playing Rice is a lose/lose situation for UT.  Here is a team that was beat soundly by Baylor a few weeks ago—yes, Baylor.  They simply are not a good team.  So, UT is expected to throttle them, but of course, we were also expected to throttle Arkansas State.  If UT wins 52-3 then people will say–well of, course, that was Rice-but if we (God forbid) lose or win 33-32 our entire season may be in jeopardy and certainly we will fall in the polls signficantly.

 I’m excited to go to the game as always–and my cynical side will be gone by game time, but I think a better home opponent would be someone like UCLA (oh-nevermind, last time they came we lost 66-3).  Maybe Rice is a good idea after all.



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7 Comments on “University of Texas vs. Rice”

  1. Let me know how it goes, Murph. I’m nervous. I truly fear that a constable is driving the team bus!

    Seriously I’m even nervous about Rice!!!!



  2. Here’s what I REALLY meant to say:

    Murphy Honey…spray some of that magic conservative barrister’s magic dust on my boys tomorrow. You knew the ones in burnt orange and white….…the others, in baby aspirin orange prison jump suits????


    Go horns..those of you, not in the Texas penal system, that is. Make it happen, Murph! I’m counting on ya!!!

    Hook ‘em?????


  3. mklasing Says:

    Well they did it. What a domination. Of course, Rice is truly awful, but we played a fabulous game. I only heard a couple of people say “Book ’em Horns” so maybe our days in the penal system are starting to be put behind us. 🙂

  4. Ok. I’ll admit..I wasn’t completely comfortable until late in the 3rd quarter.

    I was impressed with Chiles (is it?) the back-up quarterback? Showed some real Vince like tenacity and temerity out there.

    Maybe they’ll settle down now and play some real Texas football. But sadly, a much improved OU team is coming up and based on the typical Oklahoma team roster, the Sooners ALSO play of Texas football.

    There’s something inherantly wrong for a Texas boy to play football for OU. That should be grounds for treason.

    Look into that Counselor.



  5. mklasing Says:

    I have looked into it and you are absolutely correct!!! In the 1836 Constitution of the Republic of Texas, Section 8 says the following: “SEC. 8. All persons who shall leave the country for the purpose of evading a participation in the present struggle, or shall refuse to participate in it, or shall give aid or assistance to the present enemy, shall forfeit all rights of citizenship and such lands as they may hold in the Republic.”

    It is clear that the 100 year rivalry of Texas and OU is at all times a “present struggle” within the meaning of Section 8. Therefore, any person who willingly, as a citizen of Texas, goes to OU and “gives aid or assistance to the present enemy” that being OU–is guilty of treason.

    I believe the penalty at that time was hanging. So as they say—-“Get a rope.”


  6. Bravo Counselor! Good work!!

    Any Texas player donning red and white north of the Red River (which as you know is actually more of a burnt orange) is guilty of clear cut Aiding and Abetting the enemy.
    Yes ’tis punishable ble by death and and if that’s not bad enough, let’s also force them to teach Aggie QB, Stephen McGee how to read.

    I have this gnawing feeling that McGee pulls opponents’ leg hairs in the tackle pile.

    NOT a fan!!


  7. Ivan Says:

    Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back 😉

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