“Universal Health Care”–Can you say “Socialism?”

The political topic du jour is once again–Health Care.  And now all of the democrats have unveiled various plans of achieving what is now policitally termed “universal health care.”  I would just like someone to tell me when a Government-operated or Government-controlled “anything” has ever been better than the free market.  This is not about giving everyone health care–that already exists.  People with no insurance or people that are poor do have health care in this Country–County Hospitals and ERs all over the country provide these services.  Remember the immigration debate–some of that centers on this very issue–free health care being given to illegals.

What this is really about is the redistribution of wealth–also called Socialism or in extreme circumstances Communism or in Super-Extreme circumstances–Totalitarianism or a Dictatorship.  Senator Clinton, in an attempt to show a difference in her plan and her previous plan said that this was not a new government agency of control it was simply a way of subsidizing existing health care.  To do so she proposes cutting tax breaks for people that make above $250K.  Hmmmm….sounds like redistribution to me.

Before you jump on the bandwagon of the veiled compassion of this system or any other Government mandated/controlled/operated system–think about these fantasticly run Government agencies:

1.  Passport office (see previous blog post)

2.  FEMA (seriously)

3.  The Department of Motor Vehicles (like taking off 1/2 day just to renew your driver’s license?)

4.  Property tax Office (in Harris County, Texas-complete joke)

5.  Houston Crime Lab (yikes)

6.  Congress–can’t even budget its own books

7.  INS (ha-giant agency-does nothing)

8.  City Government of New Orleans, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Detroit, and so on….

 -The reason we all love this Country–need I remind you—is FREEDOM.  The Free Enterprise system is why companies that properly meet the needs of their consumers make it and others do not–the more the government comes in and tries to regulate-the murkier our society becomes.

Thanks but no thanks–if I wanted universal health care, I’d move to Canada so I could be on a 2 year waiting list for a Kidney and die waiting.


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