Hsu Money Turns Democrats into Robin Hood

In reviewing news articles regarding Norman Hsu’s campaign contribution scandals I keep running into this phrase:  “Those candidates have since given the contributions raised by Mr. Hsu to charities.”  That seems to be the end of the story each time.  I have a question–what charities are benefiting from these “stolen/fraudulent” funds?  I think it is interesting that the various democratic campaigns that have benefited from these illegal contributions are now turning the money over to unknown charities instead of to the Government or back to the “donors” they came from.

 We know from the Democratic parties stance on faith based funding that these so-called “charities” are not churches–so who are they?  I think the public might want to know if the charities that are receiving money are any of the following:  Planned Parenthood; PFLAG; MoveOn.org; Friends of Animals; ACLU; Greenpeace; Sierra Club; William J. Clinton Foundation; International Peace Academy; Americans for UNFPA; Population Council; National Trial Lawyers Association; NOW; Women for Women International; Alley Cat Rescue, etc…

What if the money is going to organizations who in turn just so happen to host a campaign fundraiser for the candidate or formerly endorse the candidate?  I know, I’m being all paranoid and acting like there is a conspiracy at every corner–but seriously—these are politicians–money isn’t being donated to these charities for nothing. 

Hard as they try to appear this way–Democrats are not Robin Hoods.  The difference is, Robin Hood stole from the government to give it back to the people, democrats want to steal from the people to give it to the government.    Besides, can you imagine Senator Clinton running around in green tights with a bow and a quiver of arrows–yeesh!


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