UT Football–Are they as good as the second half or as bad as the first?

I have been a fan of the University of Texas Longhorns since birth.  My blood is actually orange and when I was younger, so was my hair.  I have had season tickets for 16 years to the football games and love to go watch them play.  This year was hyped with a pre-season #4 ranking and a lot of expectations for Colt McCoy.  After witnessing the first 6 quarters of play I was ready to say that the Horns would struggle to have a winning season.  Then, as if through divine intervention, and about the time that the burnt orange sunset appeared on the horizon, the second half began of the TCU game and the Longhorns came alive.

So which team is real?  I think a lot of that has to do with answering a different question—which offense will Greg Davis allow Colt McCoy to run?  In the second half, Colt began mixing up his passes with various routes–many of which were much longer than the previous 6 quarters where it appeared the Horns were trying to play short-yardage with one back on every offensive down.  Davis has to allow Colt to play to his own strengths and not stiffle the creativity of the offense.

The defense is solid and made gigantic improvements from the first game to the second.  But the offense didn’t start clicking until the last half of the TCU game.  That will be fine next week with Central Florida, but with Kansas State and the now top 5 ranked Sooners coming–we have to execute flawlessly on offense.

I think they are as good as the second half–if they play to that level all season I predict the following outcomes:

 Vs. Central Florida:  Win 44-7

vs. Rice:  Win 48-3

vs. Kansas State:  Win 35-24

vs. Oklahoma:  Loss  24-21 (I might be ready to change this prediction after I see the next two games)

 Hook ’em!


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2 Comments on “UT Football–Are they as good as the second half or as bad as the first?”

  1. Hello Counselor,

    Gonna be a tough season??? That’s an understatement. Like you, I’m a “Longhorn Lifer and have been since I was a small child….BUT I’m also a white knuckle UT fan. This past Saturday’s game against Central Florida damned near killed me. I never knew what relief looked like until I saw Mack Brown’s face at the end of that game.

    I hope the guys realize just how close they came to a 2-1 record. I dread OU.

    I’m in Houston, too. True, I’ve seen more little silver, plastic longhorns on car bumpers since the dream season of 2005, but I’m also seeing more anxious expressions on the people who are driving them.

    I hope they can get it together. My knuckles can’t take it!

    Hook ’em,
    Laurie Kendrick

  2. mklasing Says:

    I could not sit down during the last 10 minutes of the game last week. I am not sure what the problem is. I would like to think that UCF was really that good since they beat Alabama the week before and Alabama beat No. 16 Arkansas this week, but…if we are really top 10, it should not have been that close.

    Maybe we can improve if we can keep our players out of jail!

    I have faith though–we will clobber Rice this weekend and hopefully handle K. State and at least go into OU 5-0. But like you, I dread that weekend.


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