Plan B is Code for Sex Without Consequences

Today on the way to work I heard the local talk show discussing a new controversy about whether the Plan B or “Morning After Pill” should be available over the counter and that the drug company that manufactures the drug said they anticipate 10 million in sales in the first year.  The best part of the story was a Planned Parenthood representative stating that this drug provides a safe and comforting alternative to victims of rape. 

 I’m sorry but I don’t think that 10 million dollars represents rape victims.  I would rather guess that 10 million dollars represents college kids, high school kids and young adults.  The reality is that at some point each of us has to wrestle with the question “When does life begin?”  You cannot ignore the question if you are taking steps to end a pregnancy because murder is not something we can just simply disregard.  Therefore we must know the answer.  Society has decided to err on the side of death instead of life.

What a sad commentary.  Logic dictates otherwise.  Once a sperm and egg join the resulting cells are neither all of the father or all of the mother–therefore, logically, they represent a third being that is neither the mother or the father.  So what is it?  I would call it a baby.  Every woman who takes this pill will have to wonder for the rest of their lives whether or not they killed a newly formed entity out of convenience.  That is a heavy burden that will weigh you down much worse than 9 months of discomfort followed by one of the greatest joys of your life or the lives of some couple that can’t have kids who is lucky enough to raise yours.

Can someone please stand up for the babies?  They cannot do it on their own–they trust and rely on us–the adults–to do that.  Don’t Plan B them away.


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3 Comments on “Plan B is Code for Sex Without Consequences”

  1. Streetwisdom Says:

    Someone is definitely missing the point here. Why is there so much abortion in this country? There are so many birth control measures available.

    How much is due to incestous relationships, lesbians who just want to see what getting pregnant feels like, straight women who think it helps prevent female problems, models who get pregnant just to get jobs, and of course teens who do not really get thorough sex education in schools.

    I guarantee if underage female were required to reveal the name of the male before they had an abortion things would change a bit. After all, he broke the law when he had sex with a minor.

    I think that any effective effort to reduce abortions must included identifying and exposing the different reasons behind the need for abortion when so many birth control measures are available.

  2. pdxlove Says:

    Plan b isn’t abortion. It works essentially the same as any of the generic female contraceptives known as “the pill”, it’s just in a very high dose. So essentially what it does – is cause the uterus to shed it’s lining , thus preventing the possible attachment of an egg. With the egg unable to attach it doesn’t grow or become a “baby” – rather it passes out of the body just like any other egg does during a woman’s period.

    Yes, the drug companies make a lot of money. Yes there are a lot of people having unsafe sex, but the benefit of Plan B should be obvious, especially to someone who would appear to be pro life. It prevents the need for an abortion by preventing a pregnancy BEFORE it happens. Just like the pill, a condom, an IUD or any other number or contraceptives. The main difference being that Plan B is an EMERGENCY contraceptive.

    Just the fact that it is called an emergency contraceptive implies that it is a back up. Something to use in a time of need. i.e. if you were not smart enough to throw a rubber on, but realized later the error of your ways. It keeps women out of abortion clinics, it allows teenage girls and boys who make bad choices to maintain their own childhood. And if a life that is already in existence can be maintained by preventing a new one at the 11th hour, is that really such a bad thing?

  3. mesLoobby Says:

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