Man, This Sucks!

I stumbled across the following news story today from late July: 

“Kyle Krichbaum, 12, of Adrian, Mich., has had an obsession with vacuum cleaners since infancy, when he was mesmerized by the whirring, said his mother, and for years, he says, he has enjoyed vacuuming so much that he does the house up to five times a day, with one of the 165 new and used vacuum cleaners in his collection. Said a former teacher, “It’s not that he didn’t like recess. He just preferred to stay inside vacuuming.” Older sister Michelle, interviewed for a July CBS News profile of Kyle, spoke for all of us: “He’s constantly vacuuming. I’m just like ‘why, why, why, why, why, why?’ I don’t understand.”

Seriously?  I don’t want to get on a soap box about this but Mr. and Mrs. Kirchbaum—you might want to have your son examined by a professional.  Most 12 year old boys are starting to think about whether or not the Twins will make the world series and are finally noticing that girls don’t look the way they did in 5th grade.  This kid might have a screw or two undone.  I’m no psychologist though…


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