California Penal Code Should Be Called an Appeasal Code

Well California has done it again.  Lindsey Lohan just receive a horrific sentence of 1 day in jail, 10 hours of community service, 3 years probation and a fine and forced rehab for 2 DWI’s and cocaine possession.  As a former prosecutor I have to say that is a complete joke!  The DA in Beverly Hills say that she got what anyone else would have received for these offenses–are you kidding me????

 In Houston a first DWI would likely get 1 year of probation, 24 hours of community service and a fine ranging from $100-$700.  A second DWI would get a mandatory jail sentence of 3 days, 2 years of probation, 80 hours of community service, AA meetings, and a larger fine–A third is a felony.  Cocaine possession is always a felony and would result as a first offense in a hefty probation.  If someone got all 3 at once–they would get more than 1 day in jail.

Of course, in California, if you are a star, you can kill your wife, commit numerous drug and alcohol offenses and somehow keep making movies and lots of money.  I’m pretty sure that my law firm would think twice about continuing my employment if I rolled in one day after a night in jail where I was charged with numerous drug and alcohol charges. 

What a great role model for society Lindsey is and for that matter the entire State of Southern California.


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One Comment on “California Penal Code Should Be Called an Appeasal Code”

  1. Laz Says:

    I bet you Paris isn’t too happy she had to do time…

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